modular led lamps

less waste, more saving

The light bulb has evolved. Now the led technology is the best solution for energy saving.

Can it be improved further more?


we can avoid useless waste!

Modular LED light bulb

LED lamp

But how?

By splitting the lamp
into two separate parts.

The first half containing electronic components that generally last less.
The second half with LED modules that last considerably longer.

This way you can only replace the damaged component avoiding useless waste and saving money in the long rung.

The light does not switch on?

A simple light indicator, if on, suggests that the LED part needs to be replaced. With a simple gesture you can separate the modules and replace the broken one.

So, in conclusion,

less wastage, more saving

Be Smart


The BSmart Lamp technology can be applied to different types of standard LED lights
to meet the need of the market.